ECmanaged: multiCloud management tool

Item Description

Want to guarantee the uptime of your website and combine multiple Cloud providers into your webplatform? use ECmanaged.

The SaaS management tool defines an interface making your applications independent from cloud provider and infrastructure requirements. This allows combining several Cloud providers into the same platform (for example database at AWS and frontend at Digital Ocean). Or even extending your physical infrastructure with Cloud.

Users can develop platforms quickly and with ease through the intuitive interface. No training required! Flexibility, user-friendliness and efficiency are its key features. The deployment of applications is simplified through the use of predefined a-la-carte templates and images.

ECmanaged does not only help you at the deployment phase of your platform. It combines a cutting-edge monitoring tool with automated management actions such as alerting, auto-scaling, updates and disaster recovery.

One of the key features is the automated incident resolution with up to 80% of incidents being solved without any human intervention in less than 5 minutes. Now that is a time-saver!

Item Other Details
ECmanaged uses a novel approach of high-level platform modelling, making a DNA string of your platform. It offers full mobility across providers and lets you avoid vendor lock-in. Your Cloud platforms become provider agnostic.

ECmanaged enables you to be in full control of their platforms and applications at the implementation phase and afterwards. It will save you valuable time and money.

Take control of your Clouds today, use ECmanaged!

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